Brian Hutchinson: Is a U.S. charity pulling the strings of Vancouver’s mayor? "With the Occupy Vancouver situation getting worse by the hour, it’s no wonder the mayor’s lead in polls is narrowing over challenger Suzanne Anton, a moderately … [Read More...]

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Failed Leadership

Three Years

Sealed Fortress

US Donations

Park Budget Slashed

Vision's Record

Moonbeam's Lost Years




Robertson Taxation

Robertson’s Taxes, Fees & Red Tape

Even though the previous NPA Council left him a $6 million surplus, over $420 million in reserve accounts and a $2 billion increase in net assets, Gregor Robertson has broken his campaign promise to hold tax increases to the … [Read More...]

Occupy Vancouver

Occupy Vancouver

“Gregor Robertson’s bumbling response to the illegal ‘Occupy Vancouver’ tent city is yet another example that shows he doesn’t have enough judgement or common sense to be mayor... citizens deserve better. They deserve … [Read More...]

Meggs Stanley Cup Riot Police Car Fire

Robertson’s Riot

“I didn’t know any details.”— Gregor Robertson on security planning for Stanley Cup Finals “The mayor’s incompetent decision to invite what became an estimated 150,000 people to party in the streets without taking serious … [Read More...]

City Hall a Sealed Fortress

City Hall Becomes a Sealed Fortress

The Vision Vancouver regime imposed an unprecedented gag order on city staff and creating a “sealed fortress” to keep public information away from taxpayers. “ This is unprecedented and a sad day for everyone who covers … [Read More...]


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